Ohio State’s first satellite prepares for launch

May 21, 2018
CubeRRT team

Its name may playfully give homage to a 1980s video arcade game, but the technology on board The Ohio State University’s first satellite -- the CubeRRT -- could be vital for Earth science missions into the future. It's scheduled for launch on May 20.

Internal Temperatures of Ice Sheet Measured by Airplane

November 17, 2016
Mountainous terrain seen from above

In September, two Ohio State researchers journeyed north to test technology developed under the UWBRAD (Ultra Wideband Software Defined Microwave Radiometer for Ice Sheet Subsurface Temperature Sensing) project.

CubeRRT approved for launch

March 21, 2016

Ohio State Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair, BPCRC member, and Professor, Joel Johnson, leads the development of NASA’s CubeSat Radiometer Radio Frequency Interference Technology Validation (CubeRRT) project.