Paolo Gabrielli

Paolo Gabrielli

Paolo Gabrielli

Research Scientist & Lecturer, Earth Sciences

614 292-6664

082A Scott Hall
1090 Carmack Rd
Columbus OH, 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Ice geochemistry
  • Mass spectrometry


  • Ph.D., Ocean Atmosphere Hydrology (Univ. J. Fourier of Grenoble (LGGE-CNRS), France and University Ca'Foscari of Venice, Italy; the equivalent of two Ph.D. degrees), 2004.
  • M.S., Laurea in Environmental Sciences, University Ca'Foscari of Venice, 1998.


  • Atmosphere-Cryosphere Interactions
  • Paleo-environment

Current Research:

My primary interest is in the study of ice cores with emphasis on paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstructions from seasonal to orbital time scale. I have participated to 10 major field programs in Antarctica, European Alps, Peru, Papua and the Tibetan plateau. I focus on trace elements geochemical cycles and their relation to past environmental changes such as, variations in climatic conditions and large-scale atmospheric transport. I manage a lab for the determination of ultra-low trace element concentrations in water matrixes by Inductively Coupled Plasma Sector Field Mass Spectrometry (ICP-SFMS). I use trace elements to reconstruct present and past sources of dust and contaminants deposited on the ice fields around the world. Presently I’m focusing on ice core archives such as those in Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau (China), Quelccaya (Peru), Taylor Glacier (Antarctica) and finally the European Alps (Mt. Ortles) where I’m leading an international program to study climatic and environmental changes in South Tyrol (

Select publications:

  • Sierra Hernandez, R.M., Gabrielli, P., Beaudon, E., Wegner, A., Thompson, L.G.. Atmospheric depositions of natural and anthropogenic trace elements on the Guliya ice cap (northwestern Tibetan Plateau) during the last 340 years. Atmos. Environ. 176, 91-102, 2018.
  • Beaudon, E., Gabrielli, P., Sierra Hernandez, R. M., Wegner, A., and Thompson, L. G.: Central Tibetan Plateau atmospheric trace metals contamination: a 500-year record from the Puruogangri ice core, Submitted to Sci. Total Environ., 601–602,1349–1363, 2017.
  • Gabrielli, P., Barbante, C., Bertagna, G., Bertó, M., Binder, D., Carton, A., Carturan, L., Cazorzi, F., Cozzi, G., Dalla Fontana, G., Davis, M., De Blasi, F., Dinale, R., Dragà, G., Dreossi, G., Festi, D., Frezzotti, M., Gabrieli, J., Galos, S., Ginot, P., Heidenwolf, P., Jenk, T. M., Kehrwald, N., Kenny, D., Magand, O., Mair, V., Mikhalenko, V. N., Lin, P. N., Oeggl, K., Piffer, G., Rinaldi, M., Schotterer, U., Schwikowski, M., Seppi, R., Spolaor, A., Stenni, B., Tonidandel, D., Uglietti, C., Zagorodnov, V. S., Zanoner, T., and Zennaro, P.: Age of the Mt. Ortles ice cores, the Tyrolean Iceman and glaciation of the highest summit of South Tyrol since the Northern Hemisphere Climatic Optimum, The Cryosphere, 10, 2779–2797, 2016.
  • Aarons, S. M, Aciego, S., Gabrielli, P., Delmonte, B., Koorneef, J., Wegner, A., Blakowski, M.A. The impact of glacier retreat from the Ross Sea on local climate: characterization of mineral dust in the Taylor Dome ice core, East Antarctica, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 444, 34-44, 2016.
  • Uglietti, C., Gabrielli, P., Cooke, C.A., Vallelonga, P., Thompson, L.G., Widespread pollution of the South American atmosphere predates the industrial revolution by 240 years. P. Natl. Acad. Sci. Usa, 112, 8. 2015.
  • Gabrielli P., Hardy, D. Kehrwald N., Cozzi G., Turetta, C., Barbante C. and Thompson L., Deglaciated areas of Kilimanjaro as a source of volcanic trace elements deposited on the ice cap during the late Holocene, Quat. Sci. Rev. 93, 1-10, 2014.
  • Gabrielli, P., Wegner, A., Petit, J. R., Delmonte, B., De Dekker, P., Gaspari, V., Fisher, H., Ruth, U., Kriews, M., Boutron, C. F., Cescon, P., and Barbante, C.: A major glacial-interglacial change in aeolian dust composition as inferred from Rare Earth Elements in Antarctic ice, Quat. Sci. Rev., 29, 265-273, 2010.
  • Jitaru, P., Gabrielli, P., Marteel, A., Plane, J. M. C., Planchon, F., Gauchard, P. A., Ferrari, C., Boutron, C. F., Adams, F. C., Hong, S., Cescon, P., and Barbante, C.: Mercury depletion in the Antarctic atmosphere during glacial epochs, Nature Geosci., 2, 505-508, 2009.
  • Gabrielli, P., Planchon, F., Barbante, C., Boutron, C. F., Petit, J. R., Bulat, S., Hong, S., Cozzi, G., and Cescon, P.: Ultra-low rare earth elements content in accreted ice from sub-glacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 73, 5959-5974, 10.1016/j.gca.2009.05.050 2009.
  • Gabrielli, P., Cozzi, G., Torcini, S., Cescon, P., and Barbante, C.: Trace elements in winter snow of the Dolomites (Italy): a statistical study of natural and anthropogenic contributions, Chemosphere, 72, 1504 - 1509, 2008.
  • Gabrielli, P., Barbante, C., Turetta, C., Marteel, A., Boutron, C. F., Cozzi, G., Cairns, W., Ferrari, C., and Cescon, P.: Direct determination of Rare Earth Elements at the sub picogram per gram level in Antarctic ice by ICP-SFMS using a desolvation system, Anal. Chem., 78, 1883-1889, 2006.
  • Gabrielli, P., Barbante, C., Plane, J. M. C., Varga, A., Hong, S., Cozzi, G., Gaspari, V., Planchon, F., Cairns, W., Ferrari, C., Crutzen, P., Cescon, P., and Boutron, C. F.: Meteoric smoke fallout over the Holocene epoch revealed by iridium and platinum in Greenland ice, Nature, 432, 1011-1014, 2004.

Courses Taught:

  • Earth 2203: Environmental Geosciences
  • Earth 2206: Principles of Oceanography

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