Women in Antarctica

Speaker Videos


Dr. Kelly Falkner: Celebrating Change in Polar Science and Science Support

Dr. Julie Palais: Looking Back on 40 years of involvement with the U.S. Antarctic Program

Karen Ronne Tupek: Edith "Jackie" Ronne: A Pioneer in Antarctic Exploration

Claire Parkinson: From Field Work on Deception Island to a 40-year Satellite Record of Polar Sea Ice

Rosie Askin: A Journey into the Transantarctic Mountains

Ellen Mosley-Thompson: Timing is Everything: From Antarctica to Greenland and Back

Terry Tickhill Terrell: Once Upon a Time in a Faraway Land

Jessie Crain: Mothers in Antarctica

Liz Kauffman: Women Leading Scientific Support at the Bottom of the World

Jill Ferris: Achieving Gender Equality in the U.S. Polar Programs Contractor Workforce

Julie Mueller: IVs on Ice

Kathy Welch: Long Term Science in the Dry Valleys, and the Legacy of Jones and Faure

Melisa Diaz: Pink Gloves in the Transantarctic Mountains

Dr. Terry Wilson: Becoming a Polar Geoscientist: Early Adventures at the tip of South America

Dr. Eileen R. McSaveney: The Only Tent with Curtains in the Antarctic

Polar Research in the #metoo Era: Gender Balance, Diversity and Sexism in the Antarctic

Dr. Carol Landis: Making Connections: Scientists, Teachers & Students