Michael Durand

Michael Durand

Michael Durand

Professor, Earth Sciences


614 247-4835

119 Scott Hall
1090 Carmack Rd
Columbus OH, 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Satellite Hydrology
  • Remote Sensing

Michael Durand and his research group study land surface hydrology processes, with a focus on utilizing data assimilation methodologies and spaceborne remote sensing measurements to answer open science questions in snow hydrology and in fluvial hydrology. Exemplary science questions include: What are the process-level connections between observed changes in snowmelt runoff patterns and physiographic controllers for mid-latitude, seasonal snow? How does snow microstructure, grain size, and spatial variability affect spaceborne measurements of snow? How could spaceborne measurements of river elevation be used to estimate river discharge? Funding for exploring these questions comes from Hydrological Sciences program at the National Science Foundation, the Terrestrial Hydrology Program and the Physical Oceanography Program at NASA, the USGS through the Ohio Water Resources Center, and the Climate, Water, and Carbon program at OSU.

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