Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach



The education and outreach programs of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center focus on conveying the cutting-edge science of the Center’s research teams, improving geosciences education and providing educational opportunities and technical expertise on climate change.

Outreach Programs of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center are supported by the following:

Ongoing Work

In addition to the specific projects listed above, the Education and Outreach Group manages much of the public web content of the Center and its social media streams, produces newsletters, arranges brown bag talks and seminars and communicates information via the Center's listservs. The Group also designs and updates displays for Center researchers, conducts facility tours and public programs, arranges speakers for off-site programs, provides outreach training and partners on lesson development, produces graphical and video content, and works to establish collaborations both on and off-campus. The Education and Outreach Group works closely with the State Climate Office of Ohio.

2021-2023 Areas of Focus

  • Communicate the science of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center.
  • Improve educational materials and instruction in the geosciences in both formal and informal settings.
  • Communicate accurate and timely information about climate change and increase educational opportunities.
  • Establish and grow strategic partnerships both on and off-campus, with a particular focus on climate.   
  • Provide quality opportunities for Byrd Center members and affiliates to improve their teaching, outreach, and collaboration.

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Former Members

Undergraduate Students

  • Adelyn Arens
  • Whitney Baxter
  • Maria Burns
  • Mimi Cai
  • Ryan Cummings
  • Shaniqwa Martin
  • Kira Harris
  • Jacob Hoelscher
  • Andrew Hutchman
  • Kasey Krok
  • Bingyu (Sophia) Li
  • Claire Mercer
  • James Roubal
  • Cameron Roberts
  • Emily Sambuco
  • Michael Zhan
  • Yihao (Sam) Zhang

High School Students

  • Amadou Agne
  • Keron Mensah
  • Chloe Smith

Graduate Students and Staff

  • Ryan Crumley
  • Geoff Dipre
  • Carol Landis
  • Emilio Mateo
  • Julien Nicolas
  • Nathan Patrick
  • Stacy Porter
  • Austin Weber