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Byrd Center Director, Professor & Distinguished University Scholar, Earth Sciences
119 Scott Hall

Principal Investigators

Jason Cervenec
Education & Outreach Director
Peter Curtis
Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
392 Aronoff Laboratory, Stanley J
Research Scientist
108 Scott Hall
Michael Durand
Professor, Earth Sciences
Research Scientist & Lecturer, Earth Sciences
Anne Grunow
Senior Research Scientist; Curator, Polar Rock Repository (PRR)
Gregory Hitzhusen
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, Environment and Natural Resources
469E Kottman Hall
Assistant Professor, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
420 Aronoff Laboratory
Ken Jezek
Professor Emeritus, School of Earth Sciences
Joel Johnson
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Desheng Liu
Professor, Geography
1189 Derby Hall
Professor, Geography
1106 Derby Hall
Berry Lyons
Professor & University Distinguished Scholar, Earth Sciences
State Climatologist of Ohio & Professor, Geography
Alvaro Montenegro
Associate Professor, Geography
1036 Derby Hall
Distinguished University Professor, Geography (Atmospheric Sciences), Senior Research Scientist
082B Scott Hall
Leonid Polyak
Senior Research Scientist
265 Scott Hall
Associate Professor, Microbiology
Riffe Building - Room 934
Audrey Sawyer
Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
C.K. Shum
Professor, Earth Sciences
Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
Matthew Sullivan
Professor, Microbiology
Riffe Building - Room 914
Distinguished University Professor, Earth Sciences, Senior Research Scientist
082C Scott Hall

Research Associates

Staff Members

James DeGrand
Assistant State Climatologist
Todd Eckert
Senior Sponsored Program Officer
Education & Outreach Program Coordinator
135 Scott Hall
Design Engineer/BPCRC Machine Shop
019 Scott Hall
Education & Outreach Program Coordinator
Scott Hall 135C

Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Emeritus Faculty

David Denlinger
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
400B Aronoff Laboratory
David Elliot
Professor Emeritus, School of Earth Sciences
Garry McKenzie
Professor Emeritus, School of Earth Sciences