Forrest Schoessow

Forrest Schoessow

Forrest Schoessow

PhD Candidate

Areas of Expertise

  • OSU Mountain Drone Team Lead
  • Climate-Cryosphere Interactions
  • Glacier Environmental Change
  • Alpine Hazards
  • Remote Sensing


  • M.S. 2017, Utah State University, College of Natural Resources
  • B.A. 2011, The Ohio State University

Current CV



  • Climate-glacier interaction // Patterns & processes of cryo-geomorphology
  • High-altitude change monitoring // Satellite & UAS remote sensing // Alpine glacier hazard processes
  • Engineering of electromechanical systems & sensor instrumentation



TED talk:  Source to sea: my journey 2,348 miles down the Mississippi


OSU's 2018 Next Generation Innovator of the Year 


OSU Researcher Spotlight: "Confronting Global Challenges through Local Collaboration"

OSU College of Arts & Science Spotlight: "See the world to know the world"

Schoessow and Kutuzov operate the ice core drill at the summit of Huascaran, Peru


Select publications:

Schoessow, F.S., Sambuco, E., Mark, B., DeGrand, J., Manos, J.M., Soni, N., Porinchu, D., Baker, G. Mapping rock glacier surface elevation changes in Great Basin National Park, Nevada. In preparation. Target journal: Journal of Antarctic, Arctic, and Alpine Research.

Schoessow, F.S., Workman, G., Vega, M.E., Harlow, C., Affourtit, J., Zhan, M. Autonomous aerial remote sensing platforms for monitoring of snow and ice at high altitudes. In preparation, Target journal: Journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEEE).

Schoessow, F.S., Howe, P.D., Marlon, J., Leiserowitz, A. Factors influencing extreme heat risk perception across the contiguous United States. In review at: Journal of Risk Analysis.

Schoessow, F.S. Humans as sensors: the influence of extreme heat vulnerability factors on risk perceptions across the contiguous United States" (2018). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. 7094.

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