Elphidium bartletti


Elphidium bartletti (Cushman 1933)

Elphidium bartletti Cushman 1933, p 4 pl 1 fig 9; Knudsen 1971, p 271 pl 20 figs 1-4.
Elphidium goesi Stschedrina 1946. Saidova 1961, p 80 pl 24 fig 166; Fursenko et al. 1979, p 177 pl 43 fig 4, pl 45 figs 1-10.

Elphidium bartletti 1
  • Side view, scale bar 0.1 mm.
  • Collected: summer 1991, RV Akademik Karpinski, SW Kara Sea, 27mwd.


Common for shallow Arctic shelves (<50m), tolerant of brackish environments (salinities as low as 25-30‰). The granular calcite in the umbilical region and on the sutures possibly serves to crush open diatom frustules by dragging them between the tuberculi (cf. Alexander & Banner 1984).

This species is distinguished from the other elphidiids by having a star-like granulated umbilical area, regularly spaced sutural fossettes, and 9 chambers in the last whorl. Adult tests are commonly larger than those of other elphidiid species. An important distinguishing characteristic in the juveniles is the broad and inflated apertural face.