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The Greenland Ice Sheet - 1km DEMs



The Greenland Ice Sheet - 1km DEM

Available DEMs of the Greenland Ice Sheet are based on satellite radar altimetry data (e.g. Bamber, Ekholm,and Krabill 2001) Article, or on the combination of radar altimetry data and AVHRR imagery by using photoclimometry techniques to fill the regions between radar orbits (Scambos and Harran) (referred to as 'available DEMs').

Elevation errors of these DEMs range from a few meters at the middle of the ice sheet (>2000 meter elevation) to 50-100 meters in marginal regions.

The objective is to improve the accuracy of these 'available DEMs' by using 3/20/03 - 6/23/05 ICESat satellite laser alimetry data, 1999-2003 Airborne Topographic Mapper (ATM) laser altimetry data (Krabill, NASA WFF) Article, and KMS landcover map of Greenland.


Greenland 1k DEM Data Files

Ellipsoid DEM

Geoid DEM