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2019 | Women in Antarctica

This collection of lectures is part of the Byrd Center's Women in Antarctica, a symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first all-women research team in Antarctica. Led by Dr. Lois Jones, this team of four women from The Ohio State University made polar history when they went to Antarctica in 1969. The symposium looks at women’s past, present, and future in science, research, discovery, and leadership.

This full collection is also available on Vimeo.

Terry Tickhill Terrell: Once Upon a Time in a Faraway Land

Dr. Julie Palais: Looking Back on 40 years of involvement with the U.S. Antarctic Program

Dr. Kelly Falkner: Celebrating Change in Polar Science and Science Support

Karen Ronne Tupek: Edith “Jackie” Ronne: A Pioneer in Antarctic Exploration

Claire Parkinson: From Field Work on Deception Island to a 40-year Satellite Record of Polar Sea Ice

Rosie Askin: A Journey into the Transantarctic Mountains

Ellen Mosley-Thompson: Timing is Everything: From Antarctica to Greenland and Back

Jessie Crain: Mothers in Antarctica

Liz Kauffman: Women Leading Scientific Support at the Bottom of the World

Jill Ferris: Achieving Gender Equality in the U.S. Polar Programs Contractor Workforce

Julie Mueller: IVs on Ice

Kathy Welch: Long Term Science in the Dry Valleys, and the Legacy of Jones and Faure

Melisa Diaz: Pink Gloves in the Transantarctic Mountains

Dr. Terry Wilson: Becoming a Polar Geoscientist: Early Adventures at the tip of South America

Dr. Eileen R. McSaveney: The Only Tent with Curtains in the Antarctic

Polar Research in the #metoo Era: Gender Balance, Diversity and Sexism in the Antarctic

Dr. Carol Landis: Making Connections: Scientists, Teachers and Students

Women in Antarctica: Celebrating 50 years of Exploration (Trailer)

Women in Antarctica: Celebrating 50 years of Exploration (Movie)