Teaching Activities and Lessons

Activities and Lessons
Ellen and Natalie Kehrwald processing shallow ice core

Explore real data from an ice core


Coloring book line art of Byrd Center Scientist Michalea King.

Science Snapshot Coloring Books


Get Outside: BINGO

BINGO: Get Outside


Bookshelf with books

Byrd Bibliography


Keep It Cool

Keep it Cool!


Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears lesson textual logo.

Beyond Polar Bears and Penguins Magazine


Polar Frontier Logo

Polar Frontier Exhibit


Rock Repository Logo

Rock Boxes for Education


Classroom Ice Core Lesson

Create Classroom Ice Cores


Cold Case Lessons

Cold Cases: Lessons in Historical Skills and Methods


Flubber Lesson

Flubber Glacier Flow Lesson


Survival Lesson

Survival Team Building Lesson


Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle textual logo.

Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle Magazine


Climate Model Simulation

Climate Model Simulation


Best Places

Best Places


Global Climate DVD

Understanding Global Climate Change DVD (English and Spanish)


Arctic Research

Water Cycle and Watersheds Units


Clean Logo

Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)


SERC logo

SERC (The Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College)