Research Support Services

Byrd Center staff are available to help Ohio State investigators with proposals and funded projects. The points of contact for typical support requests are listed below. General inquires can be sent to Center Director Ian Howat.

If you need help with...

Support Staff

Cathy Carson headshot

Grants Development Specialist

Cathy Carson

Areas of Expertise

  • Proposal Development Services


  • Proposal submissions
  • Funding opportunities
Jason Cervenec profile photo

Education and Outreach Director

Jason Cervenec

Areas of Expertise

  • Education and Outreach
  • K-12 Education
  • Climate Change Resilience


  • Design and implementation of education and outreach programs for research proposals or funded projects to enhance broader impacts
  • Science communication and web application development
  • Proposal team development and brainstorming exercises
  • Development of educational programming and material
  • Climate adaptation and policy planning


Michele Cook headshot

Administrative Manager

Michele Cook

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership and Direction for Administrative Operations of the Byrd Center


  • Daily business operations of the Byrd Center
  • Proposal development and submission
  • Research project management (contracting, purchasing, human resources, fiscal accounting and reporting)
  • Event planning and organization
Profile picture of Michael Gravina

Systems Developer/Engineer

Mike Gravina

Areas of Expertise

  •  Web Applications and Data Visualization
  •  UI Design
  •  Database Management
  •  Data Pipelining and Automation
  •  Integration with Custom APIs and Remote Sensors


  • Web application development
  • Software project planning
  • Interface and narrative design for educational outreach

Project Examples:

Paul Green headshot

Design Engineer and Machinist

Paul Green

Areas of Expertise

  • Management of Byrd Center Machine Shop
  • Research Equipment Design and Fabrication
  • Field Equipment Maintenance (Equipment Coordinator for Byrd Center)
  • Packing and Shipping Assistance
  • Byrd Center Facilities


  • Assist in designing lab and field research equipment to investigator specifications
  • Selection and purchasing of materials
  • Fabrication, assembly and testing
  • Laboratory maintenance and safety
  • Building supervisor for Scott Hall
Tom Kassebaum

Systems Manager

Tom Kassebaum

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Computing and Communications Devices
  • Server Maintenance
  • Network Maintenance
  • Cybersecurity


  • Selection, purchasing and repair of computing equipment and peripherals
  • Maintenance of the Byrd Center's servers
  • Software selection, purchasing and maintenance
  • Security compliance and documentation
Charmaine Koch headshot

Office Associate

Charmaine Koch

Areas of Expertise

  • Center Administration


  • Purchasing
  • Travel
Karina Peggau posing in front of glacier wearing a red jacket

Education and Outreach Program Coordinator

Karina Peggau

Areas of Expertise

  • Science Communications
  • Education and Outreach


  • Social media communications
  • Education and outreach activities
  • Special events
Bidhya Yadav headshot

Research Associate

Bidhyananda (Bidhya) Yadav

Areas of Expertise

  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Data Management
  • Web Applications and Data Visualization
  • Open Software/Open Science Support
  • Machine Learning


  • GIS, remote sensing, mapping and data management for proposals and funded projects
  • Software development
  • Data Management Plan development and agency compliance
  • Open Software/Open Science support and agency compliance