Solve Climate By 2030


University and high school students across the planet, along with civil society, faith organizations and businesses, will tune into 100 events in fifty countries, university-hosted regional webinars critical to our future. How can an ambitious Green Recovery based in state and local action put us on the way to solving climate change by 2030? Climate-concerned university and high school faculty worldwide, and across disciplines, will assign these webinars as homework, using them as a springboard for discussing regional climate solutions, energy justice, and a Green Recovery.  Attend the 2021 webinars and use them to #MakeClimateAClass. 


Why 2030?

The world’s top climate scientists have told us we have a ten-year window to make rapid reductions in the carbon pollution causing global warming in order to hold the warming to the low end of under 3 degrees F. If we don’t, we will severely destabilize the global climate, leading to extreme weather, droughts, floods and sea-level rise that will be increasingly hard for humans to manage

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 Climate Solutions for Ohio



1. Joe Flarida, Executive Director, Power a Clean Future Ohio            Joe Flarida                                                              

2. Kerry Ard, Associate Professor, Institute for Population Research, Kerry Ard

3. J.M. Rayburn, Urban Planner,City of Dublin; Realtor, RE/MAX         JM Rayburn

Moderator: Karina Peggau, Program Coordinator, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center


5 PM-5:45 PM EST: Power Dialog 

5:45 PM-6:00 PM EST:  Q&A, Final Remarks