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The Byrd Center specializes in preparing proposals for success across multiple platforms (NSF, NASA, DOE, NOAA, and various other foundations and sponsors) that are each unique in their requirements.  Our goal is EFFICIENCY in helping streamline processes and facilitate critical proposal documents, and applying our expertise  to ensure each proposal is correctly prepared and submitted in order to ensure the best chance of success.  Please contact Cathy Carson or Michele Cook for more information.  Let's work together on a proposal to fund your research program!


Information and Helpful Links

National Science Foundation Notes

Fastlane’s days are numbered! As of December 31, 2022, Fastlane will no longer be available as a platform for proposals. NSF encourages use of instead (when allowed by the solicitation). This is good news and should simplify and streamline our NSF proposal submissions with NSF.

Remember changes as of October 4, 2021 – new NSF formats for Biosketch & Current/Pending documents.

SciENcv is a free electronic system (sponsored by NIH) that helps prepare your NSF REQUIRED biosketch and current and pending documents. All Byrd NSF PI’s are encouraged to utilize this system for the NSF bio sketch and current & pending senior personnel documents for NSF submissions. The Byrd Center Grants office (contact Cathy Carson) is happy to help. 

Weblinks below – to get started you can go to the first link and log in with your NSF ID and password. Click on the NSF icon under login.  

Please note that we have discovered that you need to 'save' documents (instead of printing) to PDF when downloading from SciENcv in order to be acceptable for uploading to NSF platforms.  


Please contact Cathy Carson at the Byrd Center for more information/assistance.

Phone: (614) 688-0548