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Melonis barleeanus

Melonis barleeanus (Williamson, 1858)

Nonion barleeanum (Williamson). Knudsen 1971, p 261-261 pl 9 figs 15-18; Østby and Nagy 1982, pl 3 fig 15.

Nonion zaandamae (van Voorthuysen). Loeblich and Tappan 1953, pl 15 figs 11,12.


Melonis barleeanus 1
  • Apertural view.
  • Collected: 23 Aug. 1991, RV Dalnie Zelentsy, Franz Josef Land sounds, 265 mwd, modern mud.


Common for muddy sediments in seafloor depressions of the open Barents-Kara shelf, where M.barleeanus often dominates calcareous foraminiferal assemblages; avoids areas with reduced bottom-water salinities; infaunal; believed to thrive on altered, buried organic matter.