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Glacier Dynamics Research Group Facilities

Computational Facilities

  • 8 imac 24" workstations (dual core intel)
  • Linux File Server: 2 x 6 Core CPU, 96G RAM, 55TB Storage
  • Data Processing Cluster:  4 nodes, each with 2 x 12 core CPUs, 128 G RAM, 1 TB local SSD storage
  • 63 TB backup server
  • 10 G ethernet network between nodes, 1G ethernet connection to backbone (OARNet)
  • IDL/ENVI Laboratory License (20 seats) with NTIF and DEM Extraction modules
  • Matlab with all toolboxes
  • GPS Processing Software: GRAFNAV, GAMIT/GLOBK/TRACK, Trimble Geomatics Office

Field Equipment

  • 3 Trimble NetR9 dual-frequency GPS Receivers
  • Exependable GPS for Extreme Environments (EDGEE) System (L1 GPS w/ Telemetry)
  • Kovacs mechanical Ice Auger System with 8 m of flights
  • Glacier travel and rescue equipment
  • Tools and hardware