Peer-Reviewed Publications

*Co-first authorship; (#) Bachelors student advisee

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**This article is open access courtesy of the Montana State University Library's Open Access Author Fund here

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​Cover: In Santibanez et al. (, image taken in January 2019 shows accretion ice that formed on the bottom of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet where it flows over Subglacial Lake Mercer, Antarctica. The ice-lake water interface is located 1092 m beneath the surface of the ice sheet. The clear accretion ice is located in the upper right section of the image and the lake water in the lower left section. The scale is approximately 20 cm across. The image was taken with the ROV Deep Scini by Bob Zook and John Winans of the SALSA Science Team with support from the National Science Foundation.

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**News and views in Nature Reviews Chemistry: 

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**This article is open access courtesy of the Montana State University Library's Open Access Author Fund here
**Geology Research Focus on this paper can be found here    

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FEMS Microbiology Ecology cover image showing lake ice structures from Lake Fryxell in Taylor Valley Antarctica. The lake ice is one habitat for cyanobacteria investigated in Michaud et al., 2012 of this issue. 

Non-author contributions:

For field work planning/assistance, contributing ideas/discussion, and/or editing:

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Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

2. Vick-Majors, T.J., A.M. Achberger, A.B. Michaud, J.C. Priscu. Metabolic and taxonomic diversity in Antarctic subglacial environments. in Life in Extreme Environments: Insights in Biological Capability. (ed. G diPrisco, HGM Edwards, J Elster, AHL Huiskes) Cabridge University Press. (2020)

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**Chapter 5, Microbiology of Subglacial Environments is almost fully available on Google Books free preview.


Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Vick-Majors, T.J., M. Patterson, B. Schmidt, K. Makinson, T. Hewagama, J. Mikucki, D. Harwood, D. Winebrenner, M.R. Siegfried, A.B. Michaud, S. Tulaczyk. 2019. White Paper: Subglacial Access Working Group: Access Drilling Priorities in the Ross Ice Shelf Region. Ice Drilling Program Subglacial Access Working Group Science Planning Workshop, March 29-30, 2019, Herndon, Virginia, USA.