Course Offerings


Spring 2021


Geography 8901

Seminar: Problems in Climatology

Climatology seminar (GEOG 8901). Graduate students will help to select the topic. It will focus on one or more current issues in climatology.and the topics could include: floods and droughts in a changing climate, land-atmosphere interactions, urban climates, climate and health, seasonal climate forecasting, or contemporary research and debates in climatology. This class will be taught using a mixture of lecture and discussion (seminar style). Each topic will be introduced through a lecture given by the instructor that will cover core concepts and relevant theories. This introduction will be followed by student-led discussions of relevant peer-reviewed papers. The research project will provide students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have gained over the semester to focus on a topic of their choosing. It is expected that students will have a basic understanding of climatology prior to taking this class.

Contact Dr. Quiring for more information.



Lecture: Glaciology

A lot of ice is predicted for this winter ..... 
in EarthSc 5650 Glaciology!

Here's some of the questions we'll tackle: Why does it snow? Where and why do glaciers form?
What makes ice flow? How does ice impact the landscape? How have ice sheets responded to climate in the past and how will they change in the future?

While the focus is on glaciers, the course will be useful for anyone wanting some experience with remote sensing, data analysis and basic numerical modeling.

And yes, there will be lots of pretty pictures of glaciers.

Class period is Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:10AM-12:30PM in Hayes Hall 005  (Remote optional).

Contact Ian Howat with questions regarding EarthSc 5650.



Lecture: Paleoclimatology

Examination of climate records in ice, lake, and marine cores, tree rings, corals and historical records for a global perspective of Quaternary climate change. Prereq: Grad standing or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for EarthSc 750 or GeolSc 750.

Contact Lonnie Thompson with questions regarding EarthSc 6750.