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Elphidium excavatum

Elphidium excavatum (Terquem) clavatum (Cushman 1930)

Elphidium incertum (Williamson) var. clavatum Cushman 1930, p 20 pl7 fig 10a,b.
Elphidium incertum clavatum Cushman. Feyling-Hanssen 1964, p 345 pl 20 figs 11-15.
Elphidium excavatum (Terquem) forma clavata Cushman. Miller et al. 1982, p 124 pl 1 figs 5-8, pl 2 figs 3-8, pl 3 figs 3-8, pl 4 figs 1-6, pl 5 figs 4-8, 14, pl 6 figs 1-5.


Elphidium excavatum 1
  • Side view
  • Scale bar 0.1 mm.
  • Collected: summer 1991, RV Akademik Karpinski, SW Kara Sea, 72mwd


A most abundant calcareous foraminifer in cold-water areas (temperatures below 2°C) on the Arctic shelves; inhabits all sediment types; has a complex pattern of distribution; often dominates foraminiferal assemblages in extreme environments, such as low salinities, turbid waters, and low food supply, including sites proximal to tidewater glaciers. Morphology varies, possibly because of complex ecology, which has promted the discrimination of several species by some authors (Gudina and Levtchuk 1989). E.e.clavatum tests are found in the deep Arctic Ocean, where they are believed to be redeposited from shelves.