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Henry Brecher Technical Achievement Award



Named in honor of Henry Heinz Brecher, one of the longest serving scientists at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center.  Henry came to OSU in 1962 as a student and research assistant and went on to become a Byrd research staff member for over 25 years.  Henry retired from his research position at OSU in 1989; however, 30+ years later, he still comes in to the Byrd Center almost every day to volunteer and collaborate in the Ice Core Paleoclimatology Research Group, as well as participate in many other Byrd activities.

Henry’s energy and stamina were well suited for fieldwork and thus most of his roles included fieldwork with many OSU faculty and graduate students in a variety of regions of the world.  His proficiency at photogrammetry was unmatched and resulted in many maps of extent and motion of glaciers and ice sheets and contributed to successful research projects.

Due to Henry’s long, outstanding record with the Byrd Center, in addition to his many technical achievements in both the field and office, the Byrd Center has established this award in his name.   Any faculty, staff or student who is involved in any work effort or research project at the Byrd Center may be nominated for this award.


An adviser or supervisor may nominate individuals who have served on a Byrd Center project/team/work effort for at least 12 months.   Supervisor(s) or advisor(s) should provide a letter of support for the nomination.   Please send nominations via email to the Byrd Center Director and Administrative Manager.

Past Recipients


Michael Zhan,  Student Assistant in Education and Outreach


Kira Harris,  Student Assistant in Education and Outreach


Wesley Haines, Webmaster, Byrd Center

Ryan Cummings, UG Student for Education and Outreach


Henry Brecher, Research Associate (Retired), Byrd Center