Learning Center and Auditorium

The Learning Center (LC) at BPCRC is part of the Education and Outreach Team's efforts to promote dialogue between scientists, educators and students of all ages. The LC is equipped with SMARTboards, computers (both Mac and Windows), digital still and video cameras, and other technological resources (see list below). The BPCRC Education and Outreach Team is available to help with use of educational technology in the space. The room has a wireless internet connection, workspace for individuals or groups (capacity of approximately 50 individuals) and comfortable surroundings. A microwave oven, dishwasher and coffeemaker are available.

BPCRC also has a small auditorium that can seat approximately 110 individuals and conference rooms that can accommodate approximately 15 individuals each.

Location: The Ohio State University, 177 Scott Hall 1090 Carmack Road Columbus, Ohio 43210

Email: byrd-contact@osu.edu

Hours: By appointment.


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