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Cassidulina reniforme

Cassidulina reniforme (Nørvang 1945)

Cassidulina crassa d’Orbigny. Knudsen 1971, pl 7 figs 18,19; Østby and Nagy 1982, pl 3 fig 13.
Cassidulina reniforme Nørvang. Sejrup and Guilbault 1980, fig 2F-K.
Cassidulina subacuta Gudina 1966, p 67-68 pl 7 figs 4,5, pl 13 fig 3.


Cassidulina reniforme 1
  • Scale bar 0.1 mm.
  • Collected: Aug. 1991, RV Dalnie Zelentsy, Franz Josef Land sounds, water depth uncertain (80-150m), modern deposits


Abundant calcareous foraminifer in cold-water areas (temperatures below 2°C) with seasonal sea-ice cover; common for glaciated fjords; typically not found in areas with salinities below 30‰; toward boreal waters of the Norwegian shelf (temperatures >4°C) C.reniforme is replaced by closely related, but clearly distinct species C.obtusa (Williamson).