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Michael Gravina

Michael Gravina

Michael Gravina

Education and Outreach Program Coordinator


(508) 667-6162

135 Scott Hall
1090 Carmack Rd
Columbus OH,

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Areas of Expertise

  • Interface design
  • Data analytics
  • Programming


  • B.A., Environmental Science, Clark University, 2005
  • M.A., Biology, Harvard University Extension School, 2015
Michael Gravina is a web developer, data wrangler and systems administrator at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center. His work focuses on the sustainable management, sharing, and communication of code and data for science and science education.
Projects Mike has worked on at Byrd:
  • Fluid Earth: A platform for visualizing and exploring climate and weather at the global scale, across time.
  • Virtual Ice: A series of immersive (VR/desktop) tours of polar and glacial environments from across the globe.
  • Ohio Severe Weather Dashboard: Tool for investigating severe weather across Ohio for the last 70 years.
  • Ohio Precipitation Tool: Tool for visualizing Ohio's historical precipitation levels.
  • Polar Rock Repository Database: A web catalog of the Antarctic rock samples housed at PRR.
  • Polar Mystery: A detective game that educates players about polar environments
  • Additional online tools providing access to weather and hydrology information. 
Areas of knowledge:
  • Full-stack web development (includes front-end UI, back-end data handling, authentication and security)
  • Accessible design
  • Web host administration
  • Database administration and data management
  • Geographic data analysis pipelines
  • Code sustainability
  • Succession planning (documentation, wikis, training)

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