Flubber Glacier Flow


Flubber Glacier Flow lessons were designed for grades 2-3 [zip] and Package icon grades 3-5 [zip].  These are hands-on activities that simulate glacial flow for students.  Students use a glacier-modeling compound called “FLUBBER” (which is made from glue, water, and Borax) to predict and observe the flow of ice.  The students and teacher discuss how scientists determine the rate and direction of flow of glaciers. The flubber recipe was provided by COSI and is available for download.

PhET at the University of Colorado at Boulder has a simulation that allows students to explore the advance, retreat, and flow of glaciers and a second simulation that allows students to explore the greenhouse effect. The Flubber lesson provides a tangible experience for students to understand the flow of glaciers before they continue to investigate using PhET simulations. The PhET team consistently produces excellent computer simulations that are scientifically valid and provide students with opportunities to investigate difficult to visualize or experience concepts.

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