Tal Shutkin

Tal Shutkin

Tal Shutkin

Ph.D. Student


Areas of Expertise

  • Glacier Environmental Change


  • BS in Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University (2019)

Shutkin_CV_2021 | PDF

I am interested in relationships between climate, landscapes, water, and people, especially in high latitude and high altitude regions. I currently study climate-driven changes to geomorphology and hydrology, aiming to align scientific approaches with experiences of climate change-impacted communities. My thesis research applies glacier modeling techniques to investigate tropical glacier evolution in the past and future and explore the relationship between glacier change and water quality in the Peruvian Andes. Prior to graduate school, I worked for a tribal water and climate monitoring program throughout the Yukon River Watershed. As an undergraduate, I conducted research concerning Indigenous environmental governance and landscape level conservation in the Northern Canadian Rockies.

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