Karina Peggau

Karina Peggau

Karina Peggau

Education & Outreach Program Coordinator


(614) 688-8279

Scott Hall 135D

Areas of Expertise

  • Earth Science
  • Education and Outreach
  • Climate Resilience


  • B.S. 2019, The Ohio State University, Earth Science
  • MCRP 2023, The Ohio State University, City & Regional Planning

Karina Peggau is the Education Outreach Program Coordinator at the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University. Her work primarily consists of event planning, managing program and outreach requests, advancing diversity in STEM, and facilitating day-to-day operations at the Byrd Center. Karina is currently involved in initiatives to advance climate resilience in Central Ohio, understand public health impacts of climate change, and increase polar literacy in informal education. She has authored or co-authored several publications and presentations in polar and geosciences education related to her work. Karina earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Science at the Ohio State University specializing in geology, water resource management, and climate science. She recently completed a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning with an emphasis on sustainable development and climate resilience. 

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