Aaron Wilson

Senior Research Associate
Principal Investigator

Aaron B. Wilson is an Atmospheric Scientist at The Ohio State University (OSU), holding a joint appointment as a Senior Research Associate at the Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center (BPCRC) and climate specialist with OSU Extension-the outreach arm of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. He is also a contributing member to the State Climate Office of Ohio (http://climate.osu.edu). Aaron uses his expertise in Ohio weather and climate to assess hydrologic conditions across the state, helping to coordinate the state’s weekly contribution to the U.S. Drought Monitor activities at the National Drought Mitigation Center. Aaron is passionate about educational outreach, dedicating many hours to serving BPCRC through tours and activities for students of all ages and participating in a wide range of engagement actives with OSU Extension, from county field day events to the Farm Science Review. Aaron encourages everyone across the rural to urban gradient to think about “your climate change” and how changing weather extremes are impacting you where you live.

Areas of Expertise
  • Polar Meteorology
  • Weather & Climate

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