Harnessing Education and Technology for Environmental Detection (HEATED)


Project Overview

The project team utilized an engineering capstone, geography elective, and diverse group of students to design and build a mobile sensor platform, to collect geo- and time-tagged temperature and relative humidity data when deployed on pedestrians, bicycles, and cars. The team also created an online database to store and assimilate data collected by the platform. The project produced open-sourced designs and code, a replicable course structure, and a multidisciplinary team prepared to continue research in environmental monitoring through other funding streams. This project is funded by a Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs (BETHA) Endowment grant.

Project Team

Jason Cervenec, Aaron Wilson, Jim DeGrand, Ryan Cummings, Andrew Hutchman, Bryan Mark

Hardware Specifications, Designs, Instructions, and Manuals

Device Software

Data Portal

A web portal was developed with the aim of providing citizen scientists who use the sensor platform with an option for storing and visualizing their collected data, regardless of their knowledge base and access to specialized software.

Course Syllabus

This PDF icon course syllabus was used for a 2 semester hour undergraduate elective offered in the Geography Department spring term 2016 at The Ohio State University. The course was taught by Jim DeGrand, Jason Cervenec, and Aaron Wilson with assistance from Ryan Cummings.


The project team would like to thank undergraduate engineering students in both ECE capstone classes of Keith Redmill (Ben Baptiste, John Grippa, Alex Kroger, Braxton Snavely, Fredrik Tolin, Reham Alshawa, Julie Klions, Sam Moskowitz, Kailun Qian), students in Geography 4193 during spring semester 2016 (Kaleb Dotson, Tammy Gast, Anthony Gillespie, Stephen Guendert, Mary Hofmann, Andrew Hutchman, Zachary Looney, Jenny Stubler, Mary Grace Thibault), and undergraduate students at BPCRC (Ryan Cummings and Oscar Rubio). In addition, we appreciate Catherine Girves with Yah Bikes! for facilitating deployment of units with bike commuters in Central Ohio, and the advice of Rabi Mishalani, Mark McCord, Gajan Sivandran, and Arnab Nandi in developing this project.

News Coverage

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