Virtual Ice | Virtual Reality Tours


Explore glacial and ice-covered sites around the world from the comfort of your own home.


Development of these tours was supported by NSF grant #1713537 and a donation to the Byrd Center by Ohio State Energy Partners/ENGIE.

Create Your Own Tour

Tours were created by Kira Harris and Kasey Krok using video, photos, and data collected by field researchers. Field researchers were instrumental in providing guidance so that tours genuinely capture the landscape and research conducted there. Claire Mercer, Pam Theodotou, and Jason Cervenec also contributed to the tours. A resource explaining "how to" create your own immersive tours is available here.

Tours of The Ohio State University

There is a small but growing series of virtual field trips to research facilities at The Ohio State University here.

Direct questions and comments to Jason Cervenec at the Byrd Center via or 614-688-0080.