NT4OP | Environmental Surveying with Drones

New tools for old problems: episode 3
May 3, 2021
11:30AM - 12:30PM

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Episode 3: Environmental Surveying with Drones

Expert: Bryan Mark

Professor Bryan Mark from the Department of Geography and the Byrd Center, is faculty adviser of the Center’s student-led “Mountain Drone Team”, which has developed and applied drones to surveying a range of hydrological, ecological and geological properties in high-altitude watersheds. He and his team will present on the surveying capabilities of drones and methods for analyzing and fusing drone-based measurements.






New Tools for Old Problems (NT4OP)

The New Tools for Old Problems (NT4OP) series is designed to bring together developers of cutting-edge observational and analytical capabilities and Earth and climate researchers to identify new applications. Each episode consists of a brief (~20 minute) overview presentation by the expert or team of experts, followed by an open discussion and Q&A session to explore potential new applications of their “tools” to Earth and climate research. Registration is required to attend the live events, which are recorded and open to all.

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Episode 3: Environmental Surveying with Drones
May, 3, 2021

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