The Potential Fire Index (PFIv2) and Fire Activity in the 2001-2008 Interval

A helicopter flies over smoke from a burning forest
December 10, 2019
All Day
Scott Hall Room 177

Professor Flavio Justino from the Department of Agricultural Engineering at the Universidade Federal de Vicosa-Brazil will be visitng the Byrd Center to share their research on fire incidences in Europe. The abstract for this presentation is below:
Fire incidence has been linked to multiple factors such as climate conditions, population density, agriculture, and lightning. Fire frequency and severity have induced health problems and contributed to increased atmospheric greenhouse gases as well. Based on atmospheric susceptibility to fire, this presentation will focus on the use of a Potential Fire Index (PFIv2) to identify regions prone to fire development, as demonstrated by the Terra/MODIS detected-fire in the 2001-2018 interval. To evaluate the PFIv2 performance in detail, two extreme fire occurrences in Europe are considered. The first event occurred in Portugal in 2003 (SC01), and the second in Greece in 2018 (SC02). The presentation will also show initial calculations of fire activities in North America (trends, risk and number of fires) in the 2001-2018 interval and their link to vegetation cover.