Dr. Jean de Pomereu was Selected as the First BPCRCAP Research Award Winner

May 15, 2018

Dr. Jean de Pomereu was Selected as the First BPCRCAP Research Award Winner

Jean De Pomereu
Dr. de Pomereu’s research focuses on the history of ice sheets, and how “it focuses on the introduction of satellite observation and computer modeling, and how the latter turned ice sheets into virtual objects of the digital imagination, as well as into emblems of human coexistence with the physical world.  It also considers the scientific and cultural processes by which, from the late 1960’s, computer models contributed a new temporal dimension to ice sheet knowledge and extended ice sheet science from a regional to an Earth System scale, as well as from a historical to a predictive approach imbued with profound political implications.”

His research will require the use of a number of collections held by the Polar Archives, including the papers of John H. Mercer, Robert W. Gerdel, Ned A. Ostenso, Ian M. Whillans, and Mortimer Turner.  Time permitting, Dr. de Pomereu also plans to consult the Charles Bentley and Amory Waite Papers. 

Dr. de Pomereu’s ultimate goal is to publish a monograph on the cultural and scientific history of ice sheets.  Dr. Pomereu said, “This book will address a considerable gap in the literature and will connect with a broad range of disciplines that include Environmental History, the History of Science, Historical and Cultural Geography. It will draw extensively on visual archives to demonstrate how cultural imaginings and visual representations and narratives of ice sheets have transformed through time.”


The BPCRCAP Research Award will be given annually, with the next call for proposals scheduled for October 2018.


Contact:  Larry Allen, Communications Manager 
Ohio State University Libraries


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