WestFest: West Campus Sustainability & Outreach Festival

WestFest 2019 is scheduled for Saturday, May 18 from 10 am to 2 pm on the West Campus Quad of The Ohio State University. Additional event information will be posted in late February.


If you have a science, engineering, or sustainability outreach program and would like to have a display and activities included in WestFest 2019, please e-mail Courtney Price (price.1217@osu.edu) or Jason Cervenec (cervenec.1@osu.edu).


Join us on the West Campus of The Ohio State University for a free public event showcasing sustainability and outreach at OSU and beyond! This event is open to people of all ages, from children to seniors.

Participating departments and organizations include: Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center, Center for Applied Plant Sciences, Center for Automotive Research, OBIC, Sea Grant/Stone Lab, Office of Energy and Environment, Orton Geological Museum, and more.

In addition to displays and hands-on activities highlighting research at Ohio State, there wil be tours of the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center and Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (available on a first come, first served basis).

Share information with your friends and family at go.osu.edu/westfest or PDF icon download event fliers for display.


Event Sponsor

Ohio State Energy Partners, including ENGIE and Axium Infrastructure are honored to sponsor the 2018 WestFest event. The Partnership, in conjunction with Ohio State, has promised to reduce campus energy consumption by a minimum of 25% in the next 10 years, in addition to many other energy-focused initiatives. Visit our booth to learn more about our plans for the future of this exciting venture. 


Arrival Via Car, Bike, or Bus

While there is no cost to attend the event, you do need to pay for parking in OSU lots if you arrive by car. Guests may pay using the kiosk in the parking lot, via the ParkMobile App, or purchase single-day permits on the OSU CampusParc website for $7.75. There are plenty of places to lock bikes and options for arrival via COTA and CABS (campus bus service). The nearest intersection is Kenny Road and Carmack Road.


Driving Directions

  1. Take 315 to the Lane Avenue exit.  This is one of the major exits for The Ohio State University. Go West (left if you are coming from the South side of the city; right if you are coming from the North side of the city) onto Lane Avenue.
  2. Once you are on Lane Avenue, pass Kenny Road. The next road (there will not be a traffic light) is Carmack Road.  Take a left.
  3. Once on Carmack Road continue straight – past Arthur Adams Road - through the 4 way stop and into the parking lot.
  4. Park and pay at the kiosks located at the north end of the lot near the footbridge. If you are paying at the kiosk, you may park at spaces marked WA, WB, WC, or VISITOR. If the machine is out of paper and you do not receive a receipt, it is OK as long as you entered your license plate correctly.
  5. Go over footbridge and follow the path straight into the compound of buildings.


Participating Departments & Organizations

Learn more about the amazing world of plants with the Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center (ABRC) and the Center for Applied Plant Sciences (CAPS). Our booth will feature a variety of hands-on plant science activities and investigations. Get a peek at science behind the scenes with a guided tour of ABRC laboratories, greenhouse, and other growth facilities on West Campus.

The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center conducts research locally and in remote regions of the world. Our team collaborates with partners in urban and rural areas of Ohio to provide information about climate change and increase climate resilience. Our booth will feature a number of interactive displays that demonstrate Earth processes, and we will lead brief tours of our facility, including a look inside the Polar Rock Repository and ice core storage facility.

Visit the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) booth to learn about the very latest in automotive technology being developed for now and the future. Our booth will feature some of our motorsports competition vehicles.

The Columbus Audubon booth will feature information on how to create bird-friendly communities through sustainable gardening practices. Get ideas for your home garden, and test your bird knowledge with a fun bird identification game perfect for all ages.

COSI, Columbus, Ohio's dynamic Center of Science and Industry, inspires the scientists, dreamers, and innovators of tomorrow. COSI's Science Spot traveling science exhibits will be on hand to provide an opportunity to play, explore, and learn about science together.

Get hands-on and be an electrical engineer for a day! Engineers use their knowledge of science to build things. Stop by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering booth to build a Jumping Jack toy that you can take home.

Stop by the Department of Molecular Genetics and the Zebrafish Facility booth to learn more about what the small vertebrate, the zebrafish, can teach us about development and disease. We will have interactive displays and live fish on display. We will also lead guided tours to a microscopy room where you can view live zebrafish embryos through the microscope and watch time-lapse movies of embryos developing over time.

The growth of man-made radio transmissions is making it increasingly difficult to detect Earth's microwave radiation used for studying atmospheric water vapor and soil moisture. Researchers at the ElectroScience Laboratory developed the CubeSat 3-D Model, a new advancement in radio frequency interference technology that helps separate man-made from natural signals.

The mission of Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) is to keep the Olentangy River and its tributaries clean and safe for all to enjoy, through public education, volunteer activities, and coordination with local decision-makers. Stop by our booth to learn about our initiatives and participate in a water-themed activity.

The Language Sciences Research Lab (called Labs in Life) at the Columbus Center of Science and Industry (COSI) is dedicated to the study of language and the dissemination of knowledge about language sciences. Outside the lab, Ohio State students provide educational demonstrations of the fundamentals of language science. We will showcase these fun, short demonstrations at West Fest!

Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC) at The Ohio State University is a champion of biobased materials for improved sustainability. Bioproducts are made from renewable, bioresources that are a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based materials. You will gain an understanding of biobased feedstocks, such as soybeans and corn, and the many products that can be made from them.

The Ohio State Office of Energy and Environment engages students, faculty, and communities throughout Ohio in exciting innovations occurring around energy and environment. Our booth will provide information about Ohio State’s energy efforts, including our use of wind, solar and natural gas, as well as showcase the ways that Ohio State is preparing our students for the future and helping our researchers study the impacts of climate change.

Relevant, informative, fun — that’s energy education from the Ohio Energy Project (OEP). Stop by our booth to explore electricity using an energy baton and snap circuits. OEP conducts professional development for science teachers and student programs for Ohio schools.

How far can you launch a marshmallow missile? Stop by the Ohio 4-H booth to find out and build a tabletop catapult. You'll put your engineering design skills to work and create a mini model of this ancient siege machine.

Check out recent publications from The Ohio State University Press. The University Press works to advance knowledge by disseminating the highest quality, peer-reviewed scholarship in the humanities and the social sciences. The Press publishes scholarly works through its books and journals program, promoting the work of academics throughout the world.

Orton Geological Museum is home to over 54,000 rocks, minerals and fossils. Our booth features a selection of our most interesting specimens for people to see and touch, including mammoth and mastodon teeth, a dinosaur bone, gold, a meteorite (a rock from outer space) and a coprolite (petrified poop).

The Museum of Biological Diversity is the home of OSU’s biological research collections. Visit our booth to get an up-close view of a selection of the millions of plant and animal specimens housed at the museum.

The Department of Speech and Hearing Science will present information and displays on hearing, the ear, and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss. Microscopes will be available to view samples of small inner ear structures, and demonstration activities will show the best ways to avoid hearing loss when confronted with loud noise.

As the sole winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s first-ever Smart City Challenge, Columbus was awarded $50 million in funding and the designation as America’s Smart City. Smart Columbus has a vision that starts with the reinvention of mobility. Stop by to learn about what the future holds for Columbus.

The STEAM Factory is a diverse and inclusive grass-roots network in the Ohio State community that facilitates creative and interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and dissemination. Our STEAM Factory members will be presenting engaging and interactive demonstrations.

Stone Laboratory is The Ohio State University’s island campus on Lake Erie, hosting field-based college courses and professional workshops every summer on our six-acre island in Put-in-Bay harbor. At WestFest, Stone Lab and Ohio Sea Grant will provide an activity examining freshwater aquatic insects, discussing water quality and how these aquatic bugs can be great indicators of the health of your local stream, pond, or lake!

The OSU Wexner Medical Center Green Team is a group of staff volunteers that supports sustainability initiatives within the Medical Center. We organize events, education, and projects to improve sustainability. Visit us to learn how we're making medicine more sustainable!

The Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park is a long-term, large-scale aquatic research facility located along the northern edge of The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus. The Schiermeier Wetland Park is a gateway to research, teaching and outreach related to water resources at the university. Stop by our booth to learn more about the wonders of the wetlands.

 The Z-lab, Saygin Cognitive Neuroscience Lab in the Department of Psychology studies how the human brain develops and changes with experience. The lab studies infants, kids, and adolescents to learn more about how our brains make us all unique individuals. Visit their booth for fun demonstrations and information for children and adults of all ages.