History Corner

Who was the “ghostwriter” for the Byrd Second Antarctic Expedition?

Photo from sea of Antarctica

Why are there World War I photos in the Polar Archives?

American soldiers walking up the road at Mont St. Quentin. Take note of the bayonets.

How do you become the first milkman in Antarctica?

Pin commemorating the birth of the dairy cow, Iceberg

Where is the Third Pole?

The Third Pole

The Third Pole (TP) covers over 5 million square kilometers, has an average elevation of 4000 meters and is centered on the Tibetan Plateau and its surrounding regions that include the Himalayas to the south.

Who Wanted to Play a Board Game About Antarctic Expeditions?

Image showing Admiral Byrd, penguins, a plane, and a ship

Historically, polar explorers generated much interest in their adventures – so much so that they dominated the newspapers and pop culture of the day. When these polar explorers returned from faraway places, they went on lecture tours and wrote books about their experiences, which only expand