The Climate Guardians


Last week Lonnie Thompson, Byrd Center Senior Research Scientist, Distinguished University Professor at The Ohio State University School of Earth Sciences, co-chair of Third Pole Environment and honorary member at the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research (ITP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Ellen Mosely-Thompson,  Byrd Center Senior Research Scientist and Distinguished University Professor at Ohio State Department of Geography, traveled to Spain to participate in the BBVA Foundation’s 14th edition of the Frontiers of Knowledge Awards ceremonies, as recipients of the Award for Climate Change. The couple share this award in the Climate Change category for glacier ice studies that show our climate is warming at unprecedented speed.

El País, a digital and print outlet for the Spanish-speaking public, published a story, titled Climate Guardians Who Have Been Reading Glacier Warnings for Half a Century, about the duo, their pioneering research and their legacy. The publication's Sunday magazine also released their feature story about the couple at home in Ohio. This story can be viewed here.

The duo also participated in a number of interviews with other Spanish National newspapers that were arranged by the BBVA Foundation. Links to the digital editions of these news outlets include El Mundo  and its PDF version,  ABC and its PDF version,  and the Basque regional newspaper El Correo and its PDF version.

The BBVA Foundation recognizes scientific and cultural excellence in those who improve people’s lives and conserve the planet through science and culture.

Read more about this year's BBVA Foundation laureates and the ceremonies on the foundation's twitter feed and website.