Earth’s Climate: Past and Future

November 17, 2022

Earth’s Climate: Past and Future

Matt Saltzman, with glasses wearing a light color long sleeve collar shirt and a dark gray vest on the left seated in auditorium blue cushion seat with Bryan Mark wearing glasses , a red and black flannel and a mustard color sweater on the right both smiling and Brutus in the middle and a lady wearing a mast in the far left upper sear and a man's head behind then

Two Byrd Center principal investigators have teamed up to offer a new spring course titled Earth’s Climate: Past and Future (GEOG/EARTHSC 4911). Professor Bryan Mark from the Department of Geography will be co-teaching this course with Professor Matt Saltzman from the School of Earth Sciences to examine Earth's climate and its natural development as understood from the geologic record spanning the full history of the planet, as well as how the future climate is likely to evolve.

Only by understanding the mechanisms controlling Earth's climate over millions of years – plate tectonic cycles, solar cycles, biogeochemical cycles – can we fully grasp the ways in which human activity now dominates the changes to climate.

Access the course flyer to learn more.

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