Farming and the Environment on All Sides with Ann Fisher

August 23, 2022

Farming and the Environment on All Sides with Ann Fisher

side view of a black and white cow standing next to a wire dense and looking to the right over it in a grass field at a distance and a tree close by as the sun rises with a white haze over the tree line and  grass at a distance

Earlier this week, Aaron Wilson, principal investigator at the Byrd Center and assistant professor – Ag Weather and Climate Field Specialist within OSU ExtensionCollege of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, along with several other guests, joined Ann Fisher on WOSU's radio show, All Sides with Ann Fisher. The topic was farming and the environment in Ohio, in light of the Inflation Reduction Act, which was recently signed into law in response to the climate and energy security crises the nation is facing. As part of the environmental initiatives of this act, some funds will be allocated to aid farmers in working toward reversing harmful agricultural practices and strengthening conservation programs for soil health and reduction of carbon emissions. Dr. Wilson explained that in the Midwest and specifically in Ohio, there is an overall warming trend, with rapid transitions between extreme dry and wet periods and an increasing number of extreme precipitation events. Also, seasonal fluctuations, with more precipitation occurring in fall, winter, and spring are creating challenges for farmers when planting or harvesting crops. However, through precision agriculture, conservation programs and incentives, farmers can develop and implement practices to build resilience toward the changing climate and increase environmental sustainability while remaining profitable.

Learn more and listen to the broadcast here.

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